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January 19, 2018

Favorite Eco Apps for 2018


Although it’s a new year, we all think of the same old resolutions - losing weight, being more active, or improving our health in some small way. Looking for something new? How about shopping a little more ethically in 2018. With a big impact, it’s easier than you think.  

As with any resolution, the hardest part is getting started so we’ve compiled a list of our six favorite apps to get you on a more ethical journey this year.

1. Good On You


4.7 out of 5 from 52 ratings

Want to know how your favorite clothing company ranks? Good On You is an app that does just that! Their primary mission is to rate clothing, accessories and footwear brands based on their practices in the areas of labor (workers across the supply chain), environment (brand’s environmental footprint) and animal use.

They have over 1,100 brands listed, from common household names like Gap and Old Navy, to smaller, lesser known ethical businesses. They rate Fair Trade and organic certified businesses from information gathered by the respective certification bodies (ex. Fair Trade and GOTS). For smaller non-certified companies, they look to the brand’s public policies, commitments and other public statements. You can find a detailed review of their ranking criteria here . If you don’t like your brand’s ratings, Good On You will suggest more eco-friendly alternatives.  

Why we like it – Easy to browse categories of the most highly rated Eco-fashion brands. They also have a great offer section.

2. Buycott

4.6 stars out of 5 from 408 ratings

Buycott is a barcode scanning app designed to trace the product’s ownership to the parent company, detailing issues related to those companies. Upon first downloading the app, you get to select from hundreds of campaigns devoted to issues like animal welfare, health, environment and social justice. Once you’ve joined campaigns, scan a product barcode before buying and Buycott will tell you whether it conflicts with any of your campaign commitments. If it does, you have the option to tell the company you will not buy their products. Buycott also gives you a list of alternatives for those items. Most of the scannable items are food related, but there are some apparel companies listed as well. This app is a great way to make informed decisions about the products you are buying.

Why we love this app – Gives you information on what your dollar supports.

3. This Good World

Not enough ratings

Do you like to shop local or to find organizations close to home that like to give back to the community? Or is there a non-profit that is near and dear to your heart? This Good World app is your go-to for finding local restaurants, shops, breweries and even professional services that help local communities. Navigation is simple - browse categories by cause, type or location for it to populate with businesses that support your cause.  

Don’t see a business on this list? Contact them to get it added!

Why we like it – Challenge yourself by eating at as many local restaurants as you can!

4. Stylebook

4.5 out of 5 stars from 1360 ratings

Closet organization and making the most out of your outfits are important factors for an Eco-friendly and minimalist fashion lifestyle. The Stylebook app allows you to import pictures of your clothes, style and plan them into a calendar.

Once imported, you can organize your closet or create new outfits using the shuffle option in a similar way to shuffling your music. The inspiration gallery is where you would save your favorite looks or styles from stylists, bloggers or celebrities.

The calendar feature lets you plan out your wardrobe for the day, week or month. Just add an outfit to take the guess work out of your morning routine. The calendar is also a perfect accompaniment to creating a capsule wardrobe.

The style stats let you see what pieces you wear the most and those you don’t. You can easily trim your closet to the pieces you love.

Although this app is not free, it only costs the price of a latte at $3.99. (Prefer a free option? Smart Closet is free, but it does not come with as much functionality.)

Why we love this app - Love the shuffle feature to create new looks with the clothes you already have. Allows you to make the most of what you already own.

5. iRecycle

3.0 out of 5 star from 12 ratings

If you want to recycle a sock with a hole or oil that has been sitting in your garage, but just don’t know where to do that, this app is for you. It lists 350 materials and more than 1,600,000 ways to recycle them in the United States, Mexico and Canada. It has a simple format that is very easy to use. In 2014, 258 million tons of municipal solid waste was generated in the US, with over 89 million tons recycled – a recycling rate of 34.6 percent. We can increase that rate with an app like this!

Why we like it – It’s simple to use and gives local online recycling options

6. FAD - The Ulitmate Fashion Directory

4.8 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings

Do you need to look up what a Monokini, a fortuny pleat or a jabot is? Do you need to do a research paper on eighteenth-century fashion? The Ultimate Fashion Directory app has a comprehensive listing of over 1,600 entries that give you a description of all things fashion related from buttons to fashion labels. This app is a giant cheat sheet for so many of your fashion questions. It also works offline.

Why we like it – It’s a resource book for your back pocket.

Tell us about your favorite Eco app.

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