Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 04, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Disclaimer: Hello Eco-fashion lovers! Please take note that some of the links are affiliate links, which means if you click on one of these links and then make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you!). I don't promote any specific brand as I believe that everyone has different criteria they are looking for. I love doing the searches, showcasing all the products from the different Eco brands and presenting them to you in a fun, inspiring and informative way! Looking for something specific? Send us a message at Please click here to read the full affiliate disclosure.

Mother's day is just around the corner, and whether you are the mom or you want to celebrate your mom (or mother figure!) we've compiled a list of 15 Eco-friendly gift ideas separated into three main categories: Relaxation, Gardening and Cooking. We also snuck in some gift sets to give you added inspiration. Celebrating in person might not be a possibility this year, but you can send her a little something to show her you’re thinking about her.

Relaxation Gifts:

Right now, Mom's may be feeling a little extra pressure from having their routines disrupted and having extra tasks to juggle. They may appreciate a little pampering, so here are a few ideas that can help you set Mom up for some relaxation time. These items can be used to set up a whole theme for a day at the spa, in your very own home!

Eye masks are a great way to make sure to relax! Aside from the obvious of getting to lay there with your eyes closed, you can pop them in the freezer for extra cooling and also add essential oils or dried lavender for a little aromatherapy. Eye pillows are used to go into a slightly deeper relaxation state as it blocks out light and also adds a little pressure, relieving the tension in those little muscles around the eyes.

We've included some super soft and silky Eco-friendly pajamas, robes and slippers to make her feel like she's at the spa.

1. Eye Masks
Durga Organic Cotton Eye Mask - Beaumont Organic
CleanBamboo™ Bamboo Lyocell & Lavender Eye Pillow - Ettitude
Eye Mask by Flock by Nature
Handmade Silk & Merino (museling-free) Eye Mask - Flock By Nature
Organic Cotton & Flaxseed Eye Pillow - Shoo-Foo
Eco-friendly Luxurious Sleeping Mask - Woron
Ayurveda & Aromatherapy Silk Eye Pillows - Niraamaya
2. Pajamas
Recycled Plastic Bottle Pajama Shorts - Gaia & Dubos
100% Organic Cotton Elena 3/4 Sleep Trousers - Living Crafts
CleanBamboo™ Organic Bamboo Lyocell Pajamas - Ettitude
3. Robes
Artisan Made Daisy Kimono Robe - Bloom & Give
CleamBamboo™ Bamboo Lyocell Waffle Bathrobe - Dimmblà
Parisian Rouge Long Kimono Organic Cotton Dressing Gown -
The Recyled Plastic Bottle Kimono Robe - Gaia & Dubos
Organic Turkish Cotton Robe - Grund
Anatoli Co Terra Handwoven Unisex Robe - Made Trade
USA Made Champagne Robe - Majamas Earth
Eco Friendly Vestaglia Robe - Majamas Earth
Handcrafted Daylight Eden Morning Garden Batik Robe - Novica
Upcycled Bathrobe - Stormie Poodle
Mency Robe - Sudara
Vegan Lyocell Zenia Cover Blue Robe - Underprotection
4. Slippers
Pantufas Sheepskin Slippers - Beaumont Organic
FSC® certifed & Vegan Cork Slippers - Corkor
Indoor Classic Wool Slippers - Kyrgies
Artisan Made Pineapple White Leather Moroccan Slippers - My Tindy
Organic Cotton & Bamboo Hattie Printed Slippers - Thought

Gardening Gifts:

Gardening is a great way to get outside and be active. It has lots of health benefits and can also be very satisfying to make a meal from the fruits of your labor. Here are a few things needed to make sure you don't burn in the sun and also to help tackle those particularly muddy areas. We've also added some blankets to enjoy some nice quiet time in your garden, reading or even writing in your journal to note the progress of your garden!  

Gardening can come indoors with the Plant Sax. They are decorative pot "covers" that give a modern twist to traditional flower pot decor. They have a great selection to complement your decor, but they have the added benefit of being lighter than traditional ceramic pots.

5. Hats
Artisan Made Pachacuti Fedora Hat - Beaumont Organic
Handmade Natural Straw Hat - Bello Eco
Vegan & Eco-Friendly Coco Reversible Hat - Komodo
Handwoven Straw Je T'Aime Hat - Vitamin A Swim
6. Sunglasses
Finch Eco Friendly Wooden Sunglasses -
Black Cat Recycled Sunglasses - Komodo
Blue Planet Honey Tortoise Eco-Process Sunglasses - Redemption Market
Zero Waste & Biodegradable Dian Eco-Friendly Sunglasses - Pela
7. Boots
Fair Trade & Natural Rubber Minimalist Spring Coral Ankle Rain Boot - Alice + Whittles
Vegan Chelsea Black Floral Rain Boots - Roma
8. Blankets
Recycled Fibers Escalante Kachula Blanket - Coalatree
Handmade Mint Block Print Roundie Blanket - Slate & Salt
9. Journals
Fair Trade Musings Journal - Ten Thousand Villages
Denick Keep Record Journal - Redemption Market
10. Plant Sax
Handmade Terrazzo Plant Sax - Yireh

Kitchen Gifts:

Is Mom spending more time in the kitchen? Is she wanting to dive into the zero waste lifestyle? Here are a few items to get her started.

We often think it's impossible to cut down on plastic, but the Frusacks and beeswax wraps help us do just that. Frusack produce bags are not only reusable, but compostable too! Carry them to the farmer's market (or grocery store) and cut down on your plastic waste. Beeswax wraps can be used to cover almost any food that plastic wrap can. Use them to wrap your sandwiches or to cover that bowl of salad. They cannot be used to wrap raw meat or fish. Cloth napkins replace paper napkins (obviously!) and come in an assortment of fun colors and patterns.

1. Frusack Produce Bags
Compostable Frusack Knit Green Duo Bags - Frusack
12. Beeswax Wraps
Reusable Beeswax Wraps - EarthHero
13. Tea Strainer
Snowy Dawn Tea Strainer Mug - Ten Thousand Villages
14. Aprons
Navy Denim Apron Made by Free Women- Cause Gear
Fair Trade Linen Half Apron - Fair + Simple
Artisan Made Beatrice Apron - Imagine Goods
15. Napkins & Towels
Fair Trade Darjeeling Napkin - Ten Thousand Villages
Handloomed Yani Napkins - Bloom & Give
Recycled Sari Kantha Hand Towel - Buy the Change
Handmade in Guatemala Oversized Hand Towel - Fair + Simple
Fair Trade Polka Dot Cloth Napkins - Passion Lilie

Gift Sets

If you still don't know what to get Mom, here are a few fun yet sustainable gift sets to wow her with!

Self Reliance Kit - Arielle

contains: organic cotton canvas tote bag, compartmentalized carrying case, stainless steel drinking straw, reusable spork, mason jar, organic cotton napkin, incense matches, education booklet

Build Your own Gift Box - Beaumont Organic

Contains: Select 4 or more items from gifting collection. Automatically received 20% discount on items at checkout

The Yoga Pillow Bundle - Brentwood Home

Contains: Meditation pillow, yoga bolster and Pranayama pillow which are made without chemicals, interior is filled with buckwheat hulls. Vegan Certified.

Delancey + Smith + Coney Vegan Gift Set - Canopy Verde

Contains: 1 Smith Card Case, 1 Coney Coin Pouch, 1 Delancey Wallet in your gold, graphite or royal blue

Hearts Bamboo Gift Set - Thought

Contains: Bamboo cup & lid, silicone sleeve, 2 socks

Socks, Chocs & Calm in a Box - Flock By Nature

Contains: Hazel Alpaca & Merino lounge socks, luxury handmade chocolate from Lick the Spoon, Bloomtown Roll-On infused Oils "The Meadow", a Serenity Glass Tealight.

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