zy-lk is a new sustainable label brand based out of India.  They recycle silk, thread by thread, from landfill-bound sarees (one of the most used garments in India) with the help of hearing and speech-impaired women and use it to make accessories or embellishment for their womenswear and menswear line. The base fabric is always either recycled or natural and they hand-dye the fabrics in-house with dyes made from roots, seeds or flowers.

They pay extra attention to the raw materials that go in. They use recycled polyester threads, mother of pearl, coconut shell and fabric-tucked recycled tin buttons, organic cotton labels, seed paper tags with hemp cords, recycled cardboard boxes for packaging and recycled papers for printing. They provide free carbon neutral worldwide shipping with no minimum orders.

  • Upcycled/Recycled Material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Carbon Neutral


Based in: India

Manufactures in: India

Ships to: Worldwide