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Experience unmatched comfort and sustainability with ROTHY'S. Made from 100% recycled fiber, natural or renewable materials, these washable shoes for men and women offer a guilt free purchase. As of September 2022, you can even get them recycled at their retail stores. The insole and outsole are both made from recycled materials for complete sustainability. Uppers are made of recycled single use plastic bottles and repurposed ocean bound marine plastic. Rothy's is aiming for complete circularity by 2023. What does circularity mean? At Rothy's it means "continuous loop that renews itself, from material and manufacturing to product and recycling. Our vision is to use twice-recycled materials in new products—to close the loop, like nature does".


  • Upcycled/Recycled Materials
  • Eco-Friendly


Based in: San Francisco, United States

Manufactures in: Dongguan, China

Ships to: United States, Canada