prAna is an eco-friendly athletic clothing brand for the adventurer at heart! They are not just a Yoga Wear company  - their clothing is built for comfort and ease to do the things you love - swim, yoga and climb just to name a few. They have been making clothing since 1992!

They use Fair Trade Certified factories and follow the code of conduct and have a partnership with the Fair Labor Association to maintaining workplace standards and safe working conditions within the supply chain. They were accredited in 2015 by the Fair Labor Association. They value transparency as you will find a lot of information on their site, including a Supply Chain List that you can download which contains the names of the factories, the factory's location, and if the factory is fair trade certified or not. They promote the mindset of Progress not perfection as everyone has their own view and vision of what positive change means. They are willing to keep improving to help make a better environment and world!  

They also use organic cotton, recycled wool, responsible down and other eco-friendly fabrics in their pieces!



  • Eco-Friendly
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade



Based in: United States

Manufactures in: India

Ships to: Internationally