Rewards Program

Green Orchyd Rewards Program

  • The Green Orchyd’s Reward Program is a way to thank our loyal customers.

How to become a member

  • You can become a member simply by creating an account at Green Orchyd.

Earning Points:

  • As a member of Green Orchyd’s reward program you receive one point for every dollar you spend (excluding taxes), either online or in person. Your points will never expire! Please note:  You must be signed in to your account for the points to accrue.  Purchases made using guest checkout will not be applied towards your point accrual. 
  • When creating an account, you earn your first 100 points!
  • Referral Program: Every time you refer a friend, and they create an account at Green Orchyd, you and your friend each earn 10 points. 

Redeeming Points:

You can redeem redeem once you earn the following point levels.  A coupon code will be generated for you to use at checkout. 

  • $5 off Coupon for 50 points
  • $10 off Coupon for 100 points
  • $75 off for 500 points


  • Points cannot be transferred to another person or member
  • Points will not be accrued when using a gift card
  • Points are not accrued on sales tax, shipping or customs and duties (where applicable)