Lucia's is a wholesale and retail company based in Lexington, Kentucky. They sell fair trade jewelry, bags, and home goods made by artisans in rural Guatemala. They believe that one of the main characteristics of being fair trade is sustainability and therefore use upcycled and traditional materials. Many of their bags have colorful embroidery which comes from reusing a traditional Mesoamerican garment called huipil. They also sell sustainably mined Guatemalan jade jewelry. Guatemalan jade has a rich color that is difficult to find in other places, including pinks, lavenders, and black. They sell pottery that is hand shaped and painted by small co-ops of artisans. At Lucia's they believe that sustainability should be about more than just the natural world, and so we incorporate cultural heritage into our product design and production using traditional designs and methods. The vast majority of their packaging is also recycled. 



  • Upcycled/Recycled Materials
  • Artisan Made
  • Fair Trade 



Based in: Kentucky, United States

Manufactures in: Guatemala

Ships to: USA