Time for a Change

November 21, 2020

Hello Green Fashion Lovers,

During the last few months, I've had time to think about my future and the future of Green Orchyd. With my kids growing older and facing an unsure economy I was left thinking it could be a good time to change what I do with Green Orchyd. I love Eco-fashion and I want to keep buying from ethical and slow fashion brands as much as possible.


Many of these brands are small businesses and my ultimate goal is to support them the best that I can. To continue on the Eco journey, I have set up a new Green Orchyd Eco-fashion Directory to keep you connected with sustainable brands from around the world. I would love for people and brands to refer to it as much as possible!  

In the mean time, I'll be holding one final sale to clear as much inventory as possible. Almost all items in Green Orchyd will be drastically reduced! Please take a look as you may find pieces for family and friends for the upcoming holiday season. They are timeless, soft and long lasting which makes for great gifts!

Much love,

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