Halloween Nails for kids

October 25, 2016

At this time of year, my kids are getting into the Halloween Spirit, and of course being girls they like to get their nails done.  We came across some fun (and easy!) Halloween themed nail ideas on Pinterest and these are our versions using nontoxic Piggy Paint and Puppy Paint.

Aside from the Piggy paint, we used paper to do the mixing on, and this brush set we found at our local drugstore.  


The first theme was an orange base for the nails, the letters BOO and a ghost on each thumb.  I had to do a little practicing for the ghosts, but I think they turned out ok!

Since we didn't have an orange on hand, we had to get creative and combine colors.  We chose Solar Power & LOL (although you can use any pink). It gave a subtle, but a definite orange color.

For the ghosts we used Diamonds in the Ruff, and although we didn't do it here, you can use Radioactive over the ghosts so they can glow in the dark. For the lettering, we used Girls Rule - this color wasn't quite dark enough, so next time we’ll use the near black color we created in the following design theme.  

The next set of nails was a much simpler design as this daughter likes basics.  We used Diamonds in the Ruff on one nail and then mixed Ice Cream Dream and Midnight Pansy to make the darkest color possible for the base of the other nails and the spider web.   


And last but not least, googly eyes — so cute for the littlest one!! :) 

This one requires a lot of colors since, well, mine likes to use as many as she can! Solar Power was used on one hand and Forever Fancy on the other. We used Ice Cream Dream as the whites of the eyes for one hand, and Diamonds in the Ruff for the whites of the other eye. For the irises, we used Brand Spankin' Blue and Midnight Pansy.


We hope you enjoy getting creative with your little ones!  Don't forget to post some pictures tagging us @greenorchydecofashion with Halloween inspired nails! 


(P.S. We found inspiration for the ghosts here, the spider webs here , and the googly eyes here)



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