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February 28, 2017

Hi, I’m Christine, the founder and owner of Green Orchyd. To start off our blog series I would like to tell you why I started this Eco-fashion company, my vision and my goals.

I can’t pinpoint the moment when I truly appreciated our dear planet, but I can say it started with admiration for Mother Nature’s strength. From the time I was in high school, I was exposed to another world – the emerging world of “health food."  I was lucky to see its development and stay emerged in it for over a decade. This is where I learned about the toxic effects of pesticides, and conversely, organic growing practices. I also learned about Fair Trade in the coffee and chocolate industry – and the mistreatment and poverty that can happen if not for Fair Trade Certification.  

Jumping ahead some years and a few career paths, you might wonder how I got here, to the point of wanting to get involved in the fashion industry. My background is not in fashion, but I love and admire it, even if I never venture outside of my comfort zone of nice tops and jeans – which is why I hire a stylist to help me out. :)

My background is in Biochemistry, but also being obsessed with gardening and all things flowers, I was considering natural perfume creation. I was also contemplating returning to school for an environmental degree. After a lot of research into the perfume industry, my eyes were opened up to the Eco-fashion world. I had been exposed to some Eco-fashion while in the health food industry, but very little. This seemed to reignite my passion for protecting our planet. And let me tell you, my husband was happy I wouldn’t be planting fields of lavender and tuberose. ;) 


Did you know the fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry next to oil? There are many factors including pesticide use and toxic dyes. There’s also the people that are paid very little or work in horrible conditions. And there’s all that waste: discarded polyester garments will sit for who knows how long in the landfills. This is why I am doing what I do.

I realized that making Eco-fashion more mainstream could satisfy my desire to create a healthier, sustainable life for me and my family. But not only that, I could possibly affect the lives of people in distant places that were not as fortunate as us in North America, and to help create a healthier environment for the earth – right down to the fish in the oceans.

With this business, I am hoping to impact the following social and environmental areas by promoting and carrying brands that follow these same ethics and practices in their businesses. 

  • Reduce the use of pesticides in our earth (and increase the health of farmers) – By buying fabrics that are organic or don't need pesticides for their growth, and fabrics that have been dyed with Eco-friendly and non toxic dyes
  • Reducing the mass of clothing in our landfills – By buying recycled/upcycled products.  Trying to find companies that take in ripped or lightly stained clothing that cannot be resold
  • Helping people in other nations that are below poverty level - By purchasing Fair-Trade whenever possible
  • Buying Local - purchasing made in the USA to promote our own economy and reducing our carbon emissions
  • Ocean cleanup - finding and supporting organizations that do this, and/or promoting brands that use the plastics from the oceans to make their products

I am not here to preach that we should throw out our polyester clothes overnight and replace them with organic or more sustainable pieces. I am here to learn and pass on what I have learnt for all of us to make educated decisions. And, of course, to make available those fashionable and timeless pieces should you choose to follow along in this journey. Remember, it does not have to be perfect – we just need to try our best. Each purchase you make – here or elsewhere – does have an impact somewhere.  

I’d like this to be a place where we can communicate about anything Eco-related. I’ll be looking forward to your comments and questions. Never hesitate to tag us at @greenorchydecofashion to show us your fashion style, gardens, really anything Eco as we would love to see them!

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