16 Ethical Lingerie Brands based in the UK

August 12, 2020

16 Ethical Lingerie Brands based in the UK

photo credit: Know the Origin

16 Ethical Lingerie brands based in the UK


Disclaimer: Hello Eco-fashion lovers! Please take note that some of the links are affiliate links, which means if you click on one of these links and then make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you!). I don't promote any specific brand as I believe that everyone has different criteria they are looking for. I love doing the searches, showcasing all the products from the different Eco brands and presenting them to you in a fun, inspiring and informative way! Looking for something specific? Send us a message at customerservice@greenorchyd.com. Please click here to read the full affiliate disclosure.



We all have basics in our underwear collection, but not necessarily eco-friendly ones. I've compiled a list of lingerie where you will find simpler ones or ones with a little more flair! :) There are lots of beautiful brands out there but in today's post we are focusing on ethical lingerie from the UK!  


1. AmaElla

AmaElla is an organic basics lingerie and sleepwear brand. They use beautiful feminine touches in their pieces to make them unique. They use GOTS certified organic cotton and work with manufacturers in the UK and Portugal. Their UK partner is a non-profit social enterprise that trains young women and develops their skills within the fashion industry. Their Portuguese manufacturer trains and employs local women. They have a set of ethical guidelines they follow.

Sizes: S to L (32A to 38C UK sizing)

2. Ayten Gasson

Ayten Gasson makes luxury silk lingerie, handmade in their Brighton Boutique. They have a sustainable collection that uses upcycled vintage laces, organic fabrics such as bamboo and peace silk. The new cotton lace is sourced from companies based in the UK. Ayten Gasson designs, drafts the patterns and produces the samples in their studio.

Sizes: Soft Bras size S to L, underwire bras are available in band size 32 to 36 and cup size B to D.

3. Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic uses GOTS certified organic cotton for their bra and knickers collection. They work with factories in the EU and give long lead times so that the factory workers don't need to work longer hours to meet deadlines. Beaumont Organic set up The Beaumont Organic Foundation which donates 1% of annual profits to helping the people and children in Taveuni, Fiji. They support the Loloma Foundation and continue to renovate the local hospital.

Sizes: XS to L

4. Buttress & Snatch

Buttress & Snatch is a playful British made lingerie brand . Everything is made by hand in their Hackney, London studio, using high end deadstock waste materials from the fashion industry with recycled and eco fabrics from UK suppliers. They do small scale custom production which allows them to make a diverse range of sizes and styles, all made to order. They buy their materials from UK suppliers and do what they can to support UK manufacturing every step of the way. They have been making lingerie since 1999.

Sizes: 32B to 36D but can make custom sizes if your size is not available.

5. Elliss

Ellis creates lingerie and clothing using conscious design methods and minimal waste. They use natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo. Elliss works with 2 manufacturers - one in London and a second one in Slovenia where all offcuts and threads are recycled into mattress fillers and insulations. The printer they work with in the Netherlands uses GOTS certified non toxic dyes.

Sizes: S to L

6. ethical.market

ethical.market curates their pieces from a variety of eco-friendly brands that meet their strict sweatshop free criteria. Their lingerie and loungewear are made to order. Depending on style they come in different sizes from XXS to XXL.

7. Frank & Faith

Frank & Faith curates their lingerie pieces from various well known eco-friendly brands such as Boody, People Tree and Thought. They are a marketplace for the conscious consumer!

UK sizing: 8 to 16

8. Greenfibres

Greenfibres believes that sustainability "starts with the farmer and the cotton picker working in a safe environment". They are an organic cotton basics brand that believe in the safe working conditions and fair pay of their workers.

Sizes: 32A to 38C or XS to XL depending on the bra as they are sometimes manufactured at different factories.

**has maternity bras suitable for breastfeeding

9. Know the Origin

Know the Origin is a fast growing online retail shop that curates their pieces through stringent sustainability standards. They curate pieces from well known brands such as Hara the label for their bras and undies. In fact, they are the only UK stockist! All their peices are made of bamboo and plant dyed using herbs such as tumeric, indigo and mader root.

Sizes: XS to XL

10. Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates pieces are made in-house, in small batches in London. The fabrics are from deadstock and they recycle 100% of their fabric waste. They save and shred their cuttings so it can be used to create new Lara products. If you are unsure of your size, you can book virtual bra fittings. Lara Intimates offers 60 bra sizes! Their brief sizing is from UK size 6-16. In the coming months they will be increasing the sizing to offer 18, 20, and 22. Lara Intimates opened in 2017 because they believed the lingerie industry was lacking in sustainability and inclusivity.

Sizes: 26A to 36GG with more coming soon.

11. Luva Huva

Luva Huva's ethical pieces are made to order in any size you need! Due to maternity leave, they are currently only open a couple of days a week online. Keep updated by following their email list and instagram!

12. mi apparel

mi apparel's curated pieces are hand selected by owner Kate Auguste. She curates pieces that are fun, beautiful, radical that are sustainable, ethical and transparent, just like these lingerie pieces from Underprotection.

Sizes: XS to L

13. Mojo Lingerie

Mojo Lingerie handmakes their lingerie so you know you can have a great fit everytime. You can send in your preloved tees to be transformed/upcycled into underwear or customize based on an assortment of available fabrics. Garments are made to measure for no extra cost.  

Sizes: XXS to 4XL

14. Molke

Molke designs and creates their bras and underwear in their own studio in Scotland. They are accredited living wage employers. They donate their scrap fabric to organizations like Remake Scotland. Their printed fabrics use GOTS certified organic cotton, and their plain color fabric uses OEKO-TEX certified fabric.

Sizing: XS to 2XL.

**Also suitable for breasfeeding

15. Rêve en Vert

Rêve en Vert curates sustainable lingerie, designed for body confidence. They curate their pieces from brands like Araks, the Wylde, Organic Basics and Indigo Luna.

Sizes: XS to L

16. Thought

Thought uses natural fabrics like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton in their sustainable lingerie pieces. They focus on slow fashion - they want their designs to be worn again and again for years to come. They produce in small quantities and aim for zero waste by turning scrap fabrics into headbands. Quantities are small. Use only polyester that is recycled. They are a founding partner of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

Sizes: XS to XL




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