Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Valentine's Day

February 13, 2020

Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Let's turn up the Love!

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Valentine’s day is a day celebrated around the world as a day of love. Even though it is the second most popular day of the year to get engaged (according to WeddingWire), I don’t like to think of it as a day just for couples - I like to celebrate the love I have for my kids, friends and family also!

I decided to round out this post with a focus on ethical jewelry. Ethical jewelry is jewelry that is either fair-trade, made with recycled materials, handmade by artisans paid living wages, or brands that give back with each purchase.

There are so many ethical jewelry choices out there, but we decided to focus on some pieces that are inspiring, a little fun and a little bold!

We love inspirational words and quotes and what better place to put them on, than on jewelry!  

Mantra Jewelry

To The Moon & Back bracelet -

Love Morse Code Bracelet - Give A Damn Goods

Change The World Bracelet - Made For Freedom

Power Phrase Bracelet - Cocli

Personalized Coco Solid Silver Ring -

Dream It, Do It Cuff - Bird + Stone


from left to right:

1 & 3 - To the Moon & Back Bracelet and Personalized Coco solid silver rings from are handmade by artists in England. Ethical market curates their pieces using transparent ethical standards.

2 - Change the World Bracelet and other pieces from Made for Freedom are handmade by human trafficking survivors. Each purchase funds programs that restore and empower human trafficking survivors to live a life of freedom.

4 - Love Morse Code Bracelet has strategically placed beads to spell "love" in morse code! Handcrafted in the Toronto area by at-risk and transitioning homeless youth.

5- Hashtag bracelets from Cocli are meant to inspire love and loving oneself. Handpainted and artisan-made in France.

6 - Dream it, Do it cuff set can be worn together or shared with a friend or loved one! 10% of your purchase goes towards the Sisi Fund, which empowers women entrepreneurs in Kenya.



Hearts for the person that loves love!

Heart Lover Jewelry

Chain Rosi Brass - Loveco

Heart Stud Earrings - Greenality

Heart Shaped Disc Necklace - La Jewellery by Lisa Anne

Love Me Do Cufflinks - La Jewellery by Lisa Anne

Love Heart Earrings - Greenality


from left to right:

1 - Chain Rosi Brass necklace from Loveco is made from the recycling and upcycling of industrial material and turns them into simple jewelry that can be worn every day .

2 & 4 - The Heart Shaped Disc Necklace and Heart Shaped Cufflinks by La Jewellery by Lisa Anna are made from recycled silver. La Jewelry also donates to various charities.

3 & 5 - The Heart Shaped Studs and Love Heart Earrings are made by fair trade artisans in Kenya.  



Statement Pieces for the person that likes to make a bold statement!

Showstopper Pieces

Pistachio Raffia Earrings - Goshopia

Kyra Tassel Bracelet - Slate + Salt

Eco Beads Bracelet - The Spotted Quoll

Upcycled Silk Sari Necklace - Jewelled Buddha

Dreamer Gold Hoop Earrings - Astor + Orion


from left to right:

1 - Pistachio Raffia Earrings are handmade using a disappearing artisanal craft from Spain called Raffia Embroidery.

2 - Eco Bead Bracelets from The Spotted Quoll are made from offcuts of Tasmanian specialty timbers and Tagua seeds.

3 - Dreamer Gold Hoop Earrings from Astor + Orion are made from 70% recycled stainless steel, then plated using 18k gold. They are ethically made in Thailand.

4 - Kyra Tassel Bracelet comes in a variety of colors, perfect for you love. Each one is handmade in India under fair trade principles.

5 - The upcycled sari necklace from Jewelled Buddha is made by wrapping wooden prayer beads in recycled sari fabric. The artisans handcrafting the pieces are paid double the minimum and market wages, regular work and safe working conditions.

Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own"

Robert Heinlein

Are you looking for more eco-friendly gift ideas this Valentine's Day? Read "10 Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas" from Going Zero waste or "Ethical Valentine's day Gifts for 2020" for even more ideas.

Or are you feeling inspired and want to see what other jewelry is available? head on over to our ethical directory - Men's Jewelry and Women's Jewelry sections to see what else is available!


Canada Mark Ethical Diamonds

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