Canada Mark Ethical Diamonds

January 30, 2020

Canada Mark Ethical Diamonds

Author Shakti Ellenwood  

Are you wanting to get engaged? Thinking about a diamond ring? But worried about the ethics of such a purchase? If 'yes' is your answer, then I may have the perfect rocks for you.

Let me introduce CanadaMark diamonds. Fully traceable, responsibly sourced and kind to the environment.

These unique diamonds originate from Canada's Northwest Territories, just below the Arctic circle. A place of great natural beauty it is home to wildlife such as wolves, polar bears, caribou and buffalo.

All CanadaMark diamonds come from one of two mines; the Ekati and the Diavik. They both have signed agreements with local and federal governments as well as local Aboriginal groups, ensuring job creation, development within the community, and environmental conservation. They invest in local community projects to improve the lives of the residents, including literacy and education.

The mines follow strict environmental laws to protect this wildlife and the surrounding natural environment, including rivers and lakes and the air. Here's what they say:

"We promise that all Canadamark diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada's Northwest Territories with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and people living in the community. All mines that are part of the Canadamark program must meet Canada's stringent environmental regulations, and many go above and beyond."

To prove authenticity, each CanadaMark diamond is laser engraved with a unique serial number. Too small to see by the human eye but visible under a microscope. That same laser number is also on the certificate card you received along with your ring. If you enter the number, on the CanadaMark website, you can follow the journey of your diamond from rough to polished stone.



Shakti Ellenwood is a jewelry designer that has sustainability at heart. Her unique handmade creations uses certified Fair Trade Gold and conflict free diamonds and gemstones. She trained under a fifth generation master goldsmith in 1995 in San Francisco, and launched her own label in 2000. Since 2015 she has been using CanadaMark conflict free diamonds and Fair Trade gold. Her jewelry is infused with prayers and blessings, and with hope and dignity in her heart for the small mining communities that dig the gold and stones. You can find engagement rings, wedding rings for men and women, amulets and other fine jewelry.

Shop her full collection at Shakti Ellenwood


"Jewellery is a product that is usually associated with love, romance and luxury but there is no romance in exploitation"

— Shakti Ellenwood

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